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Pros & Cons Of Thermal Printing

Pros & Cons Of Thermal Printing

Posted by Admin on 12th Jan 2021

The direct thermal printing method uses chemically treated and heat-sensitive media that blackens when passed under the head of a thermal printer. This process of thermal printing usually occurs on a special paper substrate. The print head generates enough heat to trigger the chemical reaction to begin. But before you buy such a printer for your business, you must be well aware of the pros and cons of such printers.

Here are the important pros and cons of thermal label printers.

Pros of Thermal label printing:

  • They are very much environment friendly as compared to the Colour Label Printers. Since these printers do not utilize ribbon, this naturally reduces the by-products and the non-recyclable waste.
  • The carbon footprint gets reduced to a great extent due to its lower shipping weight.
  • You manage to save a lot of time during the reloading process due to the absence of ribbon. You can save a lot of labor & time, all thanks to the thermal printers.
  • If you choose to go for thermal printing, you need not worry about the paper's wrinkling while printing on it. Thermal printers have forgone the traditional usage of ribbons. They are very compact and need very less physical inventory for storage.

Cons of Thermal label printing:

  • The speed of thermal printing can greatly reduce owing to any complexity in the label design. However, be rest assured that the prints come out very accurate and crisp.
  • They cannot be overexposed to heat and sunlight. If you ever leave your gas receipt in the sunlight for a long time, you shall see that it has faded with time. The same happens when thermal label prints are left under heat or sunlight for a long time.
  • Thermal labels start to fade after a long period despite being careful about not leaving it under sunlight. Thus, why not keep them inside boxes and keep them safe and protect them from fading away.
  • Thermal label printing is costly as compared to other printing techniques.

Certainly, the pros of thermal printers outweigh the cons without any tinge of doubt or by any stretch of imagination. If you wish to buy thermal label printers for your business, please contact The Argon Technology Canada. We have a variety of products for all your needs at a very affordable and reasonable price. We have well-stocked thermal and color printers at the lowest price possible.

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