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Steps on how to use Inkjet Labels in a Laser printer

Steps on how to use Inkjet Labels in a Laser printer

Posted by Admin on 12th Jan 2021

Does your business print a label of any sort? Do you need clarity on the method of usage of inkjet labels laser printer? Well, you have come just to the right place. If you wish to print labels for your business or office, all you need to do is buy a few labels on sheets designed to go inside your printer and print the required image or text from an application like the word. These labels are generally used with inkjet and label printers. Here are five easy steps that will guide you to use the label printers in the best way possible and get you the optimum results.

Carefully study the instruction manual that comes along with your inkjet labels. Be careful about all the warnings mentioned in the manual before using it in the laser printer. Certain warnings present might be applicable for your printer; therefore, be careful about what you do.

Now, you need to open those inkjet labels and place them carefully on the laser printer's paper tray. Be careful about the side you put down. To check which side shall get printed first, you can test it using a paper sheet with certain markings. This shall give you a fair idea of the side that shall get printed first.

Open the software that you intend to use. You can even open the template that you received along with the label. Fill up the information in the software for each of the individual fields of the label. Now, all you need to do is click on the print button and select your choice laser printer. Click on the OK button and do proper monitoring of the print to ensure that it never gets stuck. Allow the labels to cool for some time to avoid the smudging of the ink. This shall prevent the label from getting messy.

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