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The Finest & the Very Best Of Printing in All Realms

The Finest & the Very Best Of Printing in All Realms

Posted by Admin on 14th Mar 2021

One of the major aspects when you are looking into brand integrity and labeling is the consistency of the color. It matters a lot because it defines your brand recognition and creates customer connection. As much as you need to ensure standardization, you also need to keep in mind the color consistency on your labels.

The Epson LabelWorks PX printers offer solution to a wide range of business applications who work in shipping and logistics, cable management, general administration and access management. When companies require high volume color label production, this is an affordable and reliable color printing solution.

Why color consistency is important in custom label printing?

In order to understand this, one has to keep in mind the three main color systems and what role do they play in label printing.

The four color process system

If you are constantly working with colour label printers, you will be aware of CMYK which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These colors are used to create a huge range of other shades by separating each of the color layers in different concentration. The various amounts of these different colors are printed in dots which are as small as 0.25 millimeter in diameter and can produce vibrant and stunning images. This is a time and cost-effective procedure which gives consistent colors with amazing contrast.

The RGB color system

RGB is red, green and blue and is only used in case of digital printing. It is not working the print industry but is still one of the most important color systems that you need to know in custom label printing. Sometimes for some client you need to send samples of custom labels digitally and this is when you need to have it created through the RGB color system which can display the best and the closest of the shade on the digital device. That said, it should be clearly understood that RGB colors can look different in different digital displays depending on how the screen is set. This is why it is wiser to carry a physical sample of custom labels to properly understand a contrast and color.

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