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What Business Owners Need To Consider When Printing Their Custom Labels

What Business Owners Need To Consider When Printing Their Custom Labels

27th Nov 2019

More than 85% of shoppers have claimed that they’ve made their decision to purchase an item based on the label. Since labels are such a determining factor when marketing your product, it’s important to consider everything from the design and layout to the ink used when designing and printing your label.

Consider this your label-making checklist. Continue reading to learn about all the factors that go into making the perfect label for your company.

Use a quality printer

You can spend hours upon hours crafting the perfect design. However, the quality can still be less than stellar if you’re not using the right printer. So how do you know if you're using the best printer for you?

The printer you select ties in directly with the ink you choose to use. Make sure that these are compatible with each other to ensure the best quality label you can produce. Start by selecting the right ink and go from there.

Know your inks

The ink you use has a direct relationship with your product and branding -- so choose wisely. Though there are a variety of inks to choose from, here are some of the most popular.

  • Water based inks: Water-based inks are excellent for their "green" factor. Little to no harm is done to the Earth when you use water-based inks, since production and clean-up are eco-friendly! These inks are great for marketing organic products as well. Not to mention that water-based inks are also easy to work with.
  • Dye based inks: Dye based inks are reserved for bright colored labels with a glossy finish. Custom high gloss inkjet labels are known for their bold and striking nature when placed on a product. Photos, logos, and other designs tend to stand out best when using a pigment-based dye such as this one. They are also less likely to fade over time.

Decide on your color palate

Lastly, the design should speak directly to your audience. After all, color increases brand recognition and association by 80%. For example, if you sell a natural product, make sure you emphasize this through the packaging. Use earthy greens and subdued brown hues to allow your label to convey that you sell a cruelty-free or organic product. If you wish to be more bold with the product labeling, print out louder colors. Red, for example, is a more eye-catching color -- commonly used due to its ability to stand out in an aisle. Using custom high gloss inkjet labels is most ideal in this case, for their ability to preserve the vibrant colors and maintain a glossy finish after printing.Of course, make sure you are using the appropriate printer to preserve the quality of the images and text, like the Epson label printer if you choose to go with high gloss inkjet labels for your product.

Why these factors matter

Color, design, inks, and the printer you choose all play a direct role in marketing and selling your product. Custom high gloss inkjet labels, for example, are ideal if you want your product to stand out against your competitors and draw in new customers at a glance. While all of these factors are a lot to consider, remember that it’s all part of owning your own business and making committed and lifelong patrons.