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Primera CX1200 Digital Color Label Press

150.00 LBS

Primera CX1200 Digital Color Label Press

Unparalleled Printing Performance

The Primera CX1200 is a color laser based digital label press that offers you a wealth of versatility and range in printing color labels. It uses four individual toner cartridges (CMYK 4-color printing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) to produce professional quality labels at 2400 dpi print resolution.  It can print both pressure sensitive pre-die-cut labels and continuous labels rolls which can then be finished using the FX1200 finishing system. This machinery breaks into the printing industry with outstanding capabilities provided at an extremely affordable price. This label press builds on the success of this technology from the past but brings it into the future with greater options that can be executed more simply. 

Quality Comes First
Primera Technology sets itself apart due to the fact that it utilizes one of the fastest and highest-rate laser print engines for full color label printing. It delivers outstanding resolution in much less time than the competition. The 4800 Color Quality (2400 x 600 dpi) printing resolution in order to produce the most professional possible results with every print. Graphics are reproduced to the highest standards while bar codes and other important information is delivered flawlessly. The abilities of this machine are on par with equipment that come with double or triple the price tag.

Finding Affordable Flexibility 
The Primera CX1200 offers unparalleled printing speeds, being capable of printing your labels at a speed of at 16.25 feet per minute. The speedy performance allows you to take on the equivalent of a 12” diameter roll without any concerns related to the printing quality. Flexibility in substrates is also a major advantage when it comes to working with the Primera CX1200. It is perfectly suited to handle polyesters, pressure-sensitive papers, and a variety of others. Matching the requirements of any job becomes simpler than it has ever been before. Matte finishes and huge ranges of gloss are carefully built into the exacting performance that this machine can deliver.

Professional and Responsible
The Primera CX1200 is ideal for printing any number of professional labels. From product labels to GHS BS5609 compliant dangerous chemicals labels up to 8” by 24” long. No other digital laser printing solution can compare to the abilities of the Primera CX1200. It utilizes advanced toner   cartridges that are specially-formulated for low running costs. Additionally, they offer abrasion and UV resistance. The high-capacity toners allow you to work with micro-fine drying products that ensure the quality of every product that you produce, eliminating any possible waste. Primera is also an ecologically-minded company, providing free recycling for all used cartridges over the life of the machine. The company also produces the FX1200 as a companion technology to this laser press. The FX unit allows for die-cut labels and enhanced finishes for products that demand high levels of refinement.